Winnie Hunt

Winnie Hunt

While pursuing a Masters in Business administration at Temple University Winnie studied painting at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and later at the University of North Carolina in Asheville. Later, she focused on a career in corporate management. Upon retirement in 2006, she and her husband Ken moved to Lakeside. Winnie returned to painting, studying for awhile with Francisco Gonzalez, a local artist in Chapala. She has been influenced mostly by early 20th century expressionists, especially Franz Marc whose work captures the spiritual essence of animals and nature in general.

Winnie and her husband now live on the South side of Lake Chapala, just beyond San Luis Soyatlan where she divides her time among tapestry weaving, painting and Bach on the piano.

ADDRESS: Puerto Corona
PHONE: 376 764 0075

Chichen Itza



Parocho Church

Scotish Sheep

Mexican Graveyard

Three Sheep in Venice

Sheep in Woods